At Bear Investments

our goal is to ensure everyone makes a great return on their investment through the following services:
  1. Real Estate Investments
  2. Small Business Investments
  3. Private Money Lending

Who is Bear Investments?

Bear Investments is a company formed by Teddy Miller and his team to increase the amount of capital at their disposal for deployment in extremely profitable business endeavors and Real Estate.
Teddy Miller has dedicated his life to making the perfect system to increase profits and production from his team and his investments. The only thing holding back this growth has always been the banking system. Now its your chance to make a great return on your money and help communities grow!

Who is Teddy Miller

Teddy Miller is a Self-Made Businessman that actively engages in business around the world. Finding extremely talented and driven individuals that are ready to take their business, knowledge, and skills to the next level!

What started several years ago as a dream to rebuild communities, give others a chance to shine again that just needed an opportunity, and create an empire has quickly turned into so much more than he could have ever imagined!

Over the last 5 years he has developed an investment company dedicated to making this dream even more of a reality!

Real Estate Investing

Teddy Miller & His Companies own several million dollars currently in rental property throughout the United States and is a partner in additional property in additional areas in South America including Peru and Mexico.

At Bear Investments we specialize in acquiring properties that are not currently making any income, are vacant, or completely forgotten.

We rebuild them as needed, aggressively market them, and then lease them to various clients with different needs for a very good profit margin!

Typical Duration of investment:
  • 2 years – 5 years for short term
  • 2 years – 30 years
  • ROI for investment period:
    • 1.3x – 10x depending on the length of time
    Investment Amount:
    • $100 – $3,000,000
    Investment Programs:
    • Direct Investments

    Small Business Investing:

    Teddy Miller is the current owner of 8 businesses that altogether produce over

    $5 Million Dollars on an annual basis in the United States. These businesses include:

    Construction, Property Management, Retail, Lottery, Hospitality, and more.

    At Bear Investments we invest in two types of small businesses:

    1. Businesses currently operating that need additional capital to expand operations with enough collateral to cover 2x the amount of capital invested which can be mixed between current and future assets.
    2. New Startups with enough collateral with the money invested to cover a minimum of 3x the amount of money invested from a sale price.

    With every business Teddy Miller and his team invest in he has a strict set of guidelines they are to follow along with mandatory business consulting for the duration of our investment with them.

    If they do not stick to these guidelines, they are considered in breach of contract and they have an option of curing this or we begin to foreclose on the business.

    Typical Duration of investment: 3 years – Duration of the business

    ROI for investment period: 2x – 10x your initial investment depending on the length of time

    Investment Amount: $5,000- $1,000,000

    Private Money Lending

    Teddy Miller has given over $2 million dollars in private money lending over the last 5 years both individually and with the use of investment dollars.

    Bear Investments perform private money lending to individuals and businesses under a very strict set of guidelines for individuals who are not able or willing to obtain traditional financing.

    At Bear Investments we loan money based on the collateral we are given, our ability to recover that collateral in sound condition, and the amount of return we can provide for our investors.

    Typical Duration of investment: 1 year – 5 years

    ROI for investment period: 1.3x – 2x your investment depending on the length of time.

    Investment Amount: $5,000- $1,000,000

    How Can I monitor my Investment:

    When you signup to become an investor with Bear Investments, you have access to an online portal where you can:

    • See your account balance
    • Request a withdraw of quarterly distributions
    • Track your investment with pictures and videos
    • Look at upcoming investments
    • Review your Documents
    • And So Much More!!

    Is it Safe to Invest in Bear Investments:

    Absolutely! Every investment with Bear Investments is secured by a minimum of 2x the amount of money invested at fair market value after depreciation if any.
    1. This translates to: If something were to happen, we can sell the collateral for a minimum of two time the amount of money we have invested
    Teddy Miller Guarantee: Teddy Miller refuses to get involved in any investment that he would not use his own money for, so he personally guarantees every investor dollar he raises for these investments. This means that in the extremely rare case that an investment would fail, we are forced to liquidate the collateral, and it does not cover the amount of money you as an investor are owed. Teddy Miller is still responsible for the balance and will pay you the difference of your original investment personally.

    Satisfied Investor Reviews

    Mike S. 

    $20,000 Real Estate investment

    I invested with Teddy Miller and his team in 2019 right before the pandemic and when everything was shut down, he and his team managed to keep the ball rolling, and although we were a little behind schedule. He stayed in contact and fulfilled his end of the agreement!

    Steve w.

    $100,000 Real Estate investment

    I invested with Teddy Miller as a partner in a small apartment complex in early 2021, his team knocked out the project in a fraction of time he projected, but I soon found out why when it came to the refinance. Although that part took forever he still was able to cashout refinance and hold up his end of the deal with no issues!

    Danny M.

    $60,000 Business Investment

    I invested $60,000 with Teddy Miller as a partner in a night club acquisition in early 2021. At first the business was a little slow due to covid, but after it start to gain success he called me and let me know he had a buyer that would allow us to double our money, and he suggested we sell, so we did!

    Ready to be an investor?

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